How I Work With You

It can be invaluable to have someone to talk to—someone with experience but with no agenda. We begin simply by talking about whatever is most on your mind.  I find that executives benefit most by having time, and a sounding board, to think things through.
I listen well, perhaps better than you listen to yourself. I ask penetrating questions, and will share my experience and opinions if wanted.  And importantly I keep our discussions private which allows you to speak freely. As you would expect, the range of topics might include:

  • Who to hire, and when and how to fire
  • Weighing options for re-organization and role changes
  • Personal well being and enjoyment of your life
  • Tension with a key stakeholder
  • How best to influence an important decision

How I Work With Your Team

The ideal situation is working individually with many of the key members of the organization. In addition to supporting them individually, this allows for another important benefit: when appropriate, and with permission or maintaining confidentiality, I can share themes I am hearing.  This includes issues that need more focused attention, or misunderstandings among people that need resolution.  With everyone moving so fast and communication perhaps imperfect, it can be indispensable to have an outside view—to synthesize the candid perspectives and concerns of the key players. 

Who I Work With

  • CEO’s, Executive Directors, owners and partners
  • One on one with all members of the top team. This is ideal because it enables me to understand the leadership culture and degree of alignment about direction and strategy. It also provides insight into tensions and misunderstandings that limit team effectiveness.
  • Rising, high potential managers. In these cases coaching can be a key support to their development. It can also help them to deal with the increased challenges that come with an expanded role.
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